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Latest Tracks

Preview some of our most recent music from the album Celticana. All of our albums are available for digital download on Bandcamp (click here for the link) or *coming soon* on our music page.


One month to go Down Unda! 

Cooee from Sydney...where we are impatiently waiting for our new album "The Australian Sessions" to arrive via courier this week instead of last!

Australia you are lovely, had a great tour so far, and had a brilliant time in the studio with the talented Brian Baker in September.

We loved the process, the craic and sweet time in the beautiful Dandenongs! Thank you mate! Its a rockin', nicely crafted stable of great tracks and we are excited to share it with you all! Holler back for hard copies we will plan to ultimately make them available on our site here but that will take some time - being on the road makes for challenges and we are techno-dummies ;)

Meanwhile we will get tracks, album info and back stories on songs all up on Bandcamp asap!

See you soon Wollongong, Kangaroo Valley FF, Stroud and Newcastle!

If you can make it to Maldon Folk Festival Nov 1-4, we are launching the album there!

Come for the craic!!



The Australian Sessions 

G'day from Adelaide! 

Rehearsing and gearing up for a cracking next couple of months. Dates are being added to our tour schedule, meanwhile all systems go on our upcoming new CD 'The Australian Sessions'  being produced by Brian Baker in early September. All of the songs will have an Aussie connection and we look forward to showing off the marvellous artwork by the talented Tracey Roberts. Check out her art and upcoming live shows in SA and the eastern states! 

We hope to have hard copies available as early as October and will have an album launch at Maldon Folk Festival in November!

Here's to the craic! Slainte!

Hot USA summer last week, Cold Aussie here we come!! 

Fab USA tour!  Thanks to everyone who hosted, supported, listened and loved on us - we are grateful, and as we keep takes a tribe/clan and we couldn't do this without all of you!

Busy week ahead here in Wexford as we unpack, re-pack, stop for a second, re-hearse new material and get ready for a ripper 10 weeks Down Under!

The tour starts in earnest in mid September after we spend a few days in the Victorian Dandenongs recording our "Australian Sessions" with the wonderful Brian Baker!  We then head to the Yass Irish & Celtic Musical Festival for some good craic!!  From there to Canberra, and surrounds!

October will find us around NSW including the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival.

Looking forward to returning to the Maldon Folk Festival in November. Check out our SHOWS page for all dates and details!

See you soon Australia!


USA here we come! 

Happy 4th of July to all our USA peeps!

We are gearing up to hit this beautiful land from Utah to Georgia and back over the next 6 weeks! Hope to see you at one of our SHOWS!

Dates are still being added, and details going up as we travel! We've got some sneak peaks to share off our upcoming Australian Sessions album due out in Oz this September! 

See you soon! 


Thankyou UK!  

Heading for Irish Ferries in Wales and chatting with Mayfair Lane about this last 3 weeks. Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, you rock and we thank you! Beautiful audiences and great craic! Now for some catch up on work at home for a short week, then off we go! Check our SHOWS page for upcoming dates. Slainte folks! 

Latest News!  


Bookings are happening down under as we plan our Australian Tour Sep - Nov 2019!   We are grateful and excited to be invited  again to Maldon (VIC) Folk Festival, and now also Yass Irish & Celtic Festival  and Kangaroo Valley FF in September and October! Bring it ON!  Not to mention we'll be armed with a brand new Australian Sessions album produced by the brilliant Brian Baker @ The Bakery, Olinda VIC!

Stay tuned for more, meanwhile dates are firming up for the USA June-Aug.  We look set to get across the country to Georgia and back to Utah via MS and our first Texas date! Wuhoo!!

See you next month UK!!

Slainte folks!

Springtime in Wexford 

Brilliant tour in Switzerland and Germany earlier this month! We are grateful for dear friends and supporters in these gorgeous places! Thankyou!

Both albums of Sammy's latest project  Worship Like A Celt are selling. "Breathe" is a Celtic fusion of loops, samples and electronic dubstep beats that is celebrational  and dance-worthy! Available in hard copy as well as digitally on BANDCAMP.

Now back in Gorey for another month - our 'home' time this year! Sammy is busy with his children's book, Tours are being booked and new material being worked on daily for our Australian Sessions album and we are so excited to have the stellar talents of Melbourne producer Brian Baker at the helm! We will be in Australia late August - November this year!

Hitting the road May 30 with Mayfair Lane from Australia. Rhys and Esther Duursma are making waves everywhere they go. Their melodic, toe-tapping tunes and thoughtful lyrics will delight and win Irish/UK fans a plenty! Get to a show near you! 

2019 here we come!  

Happy January from Camp Horner! We are heading to Pennsylvania over the next 12 days and looking forward to playing in some of our fave PA venues for the first time in 2 years!

February will find us training and teaching TRADE-OFF projects in Mae Sot.  Here's a link to what our friends  The Charis Project do there.

Bookings are in earnest for tours stretching from late March to November in Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, UK, USA and Australia! 

Stay tuned, dates are firming up and we are thrilled to be accompanied on our UK/Ireland leg by Australian duo Mayfair Lane.

Check them out, you will love them!  Click HERE.

Peace out!



Thank you for a great 2018!! 

Whew! It was a belter year and we couldn't have done any of it without the many of you who help make it happen!!

As 2018 draws to a close, we are mindful of the support, friendship and love that enables us Horners to do all that we do. Thank you!   For listening, for sharing, for buying, for extending yourselves to us...for supporting live music, the arts, the creatives, the troubadours...for helping us make a difference, for helping spread light and love.  We are grateful and humbled and ready to work hard for another year. 

May 2019 find our paths meeting on the road, and may there be joy in the journey.

With every blessing.

Sammy's Christmas Blog 

Well, 2018 was a big year. We travelled all over the planet and found love, hate, joy, anger, unity, division, warmth and icy cold. No different to other years in some ways, but context is everything and 2018 brought me into sharper focus than other years…maybe it’s just getting older does that. Last week I spent time with family. It had been the worst kind of year for them…the worst kind of loss. Some of my friends in the USA had suffered a similar loss and wrote to me to offer sound advice. 

During this time I heard the full horror of the story. The hopelessness and sense of loss was tangible and I saw the kind of tears that only old men can cry roll down cheeks. The story was soaked in pain, helplessness, terror and emptiness but as they told the saddest of stories, a memory would insert itself and the tale took another direction. There it was, ‘joy’ had her say right there! This story brought a smile to the room, then, back into the dark for more horror. The ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ continued for sometime, then an unrelated story brought laughter to every heart. We all glimpsed it. The light got in and somehow it let us see with some clarity for a moment. Then typical Irish sayings made the whole scenario seem laughable and ridiculous until we were all giggling in spite of the sadness that was still our constant companion in the room, because peace got a foot in the door and refused to leave until we all had a little taste. 

I had watched from afar as my friends in the USA walked a similar road, but their counsel was perfect because they already knew that place and what was required for visitors. 
So, as we head into Christmas, it is not lost on me that context is everything. A couple of thousand years ago, in a distant land that was occupied by an invading force with a deeply insecure ‘world’ leader. People longed for a big helping hand, a saviour, something bigger than their problems. It was a dark time, a violent time, an oppressive time and an uncertain time. They needed a big thing and yet the story tells us that a teenage peasant girl gave birth to a baby boy. 

The one who would be hailed as the light of the world, the prince of peace, the way the truth and the life, came as something small, insignificant, helpless and easily mistaken as small and useless. It was (once more) not lost on me that in this story eventually a mother would walk the same road as my friends and family have in 2018. 

It seemed to me that it was the small joys that became important. The hint of peace of mind and heart. The laughter that was found in the light. They had joined in with the tears of sorrow. Not overtaking the sadness or making it vanish but rather, easing it with small glimpses of hope and goodness. The sadness seemed bigger, but it couldn’t keep holding on to us like it wanted too. Peace would insist on being heard. Joy was going to have her say and the light made sure that the darkness became a foggy blur that we could squint through, rather than the total blindness that leaves us numb. It was the little things that helped us push on when the big things try to crush us. 
I head into 2019 with the thought that just maybe, the peace and joy and light that we quote at this time of year is there for all of us. It’s not big, it’s not blinding and it’s not always in our face. 

It shows up when the big hurts come and the large disappointments batter us. It’s small and can almost be overlooked, but it is what keeps the darkness lit, what reminds us of the good during the bad and the joy that curls our lips upward when the grimace of pain thinks it has won. 
Like everything else this year, I guess I already knew this, and ancient wisdom has 
told us that it is dark and sad out there, however, 
‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’. 
So here’s to the little things that endure for each of us.... 

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019 to you all.


Contact us for more information about our 2018 Celticana tour. Dates for our tours in Australia and China will post soon!