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Finn and the Wild Goose 

We are very happy to announce Sammy's first foray into children's novels is now available for order and download on Amazon in Kindle format where, on Sep 2, it started in the top 20 for children's multicultural, folktales and myths genre. We are stoked and so grateful to all who supported and encouraged himself on the journey to publication.

 It's also available on AMAZON UK for hardcopy orders. For anyone not wanting to wait until they are available in your area ( ie. Australia) our publishers Malcolm Down have conveyed that it is available at the Book Depository.

We have some advance copies available if you would like to purchase a signed copy. Contact us for information.  We hope in the future to have opportunity to sell them on the road- when we ever get back on the road.

Watch this space, here's to 2021 allowing more normal activities for the likes of us troubadours.

Go get a copy and enjoy the adventures.

German/Swiss Tour Cancelled 

Greetings from Wexford...

It is with the acceptance that it's the only choice we have given these days of uncertainty due to Covid 19, we have called it on whether to tour this September. Sad as we are not to be with friends and fans in lovely Switzerland and Germany, we cant avoid the fact that there are too many compelling reasons to not leave Ireland.

All non-essential travel is strongly advised against; there is still a 14 day isolation rule if returning from countries not on the 'green list' and this would apply; singing is even worse than talking as far as droplet spread considerations; multiple contacts in two countries would be a tracking nightmare.... and so on.

Here's to a better year for us muso's, artists and performers in 2021.

Peace and hand gel be with you all and don't forget yer masks.

Author at work! 

As many of you are aware, Mr. Horner is never happier than when creating, indeed lockdown has been a benefit for the Horner camp as writing, recording and general creativity ensued. We are considering a new way to promote Sammy's books and solo musical projects, prolific is the word that comes to mind. Two new albums are largely completed and a Kickstarter is planned to assist in getting these pressed and available to you. Faraway Places and Rev. Sam and The Outcasts (working title at present) promise to entertain.

Meanwhile Finn and The Wild Goose is at the publishers (huge thanks to editor Angela Little Smith and Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing) and we hope to have physical copies in hand by end of July. More literature is coming as well and we think himself needs another website to better serve his different creative hats. Stay tuned. 

PS. For the streaming types, Breathe produced by Sammy and electronica/techno whizz-kid Tony 'Tonesteppa' Silcock is now available for your listening/dancing pleasure ;)  Also available for download purchase or hard copy order via BANDCAMP

The Sweet Sorrows Live on a screen near you 

 How are you?

This weekend would have seen us in the UK on our annual tour. Instead we are joining friends online (Sunday 7th) for The Doghouse Open Mic Lockdown Session which is based in Balloch, Scotland and where the craic is always mighty.  Our set is scheduled for 6.30pm GMT and we look forward to seeing you there and mingling with beloveds we cant be with. Stay tuned for more news, Mr. Horner (alias Rev. Sam) has been cranking and we are in the process of 2 new albums in our Covid-staycation. Remember #thesedayswillpass  and mind yourselves. 

Peace out.

No June UK tour  

It is with regret and great necessity that we are calling time on our proposed and fully booked June UK tour. We are so very grateful to all of the hosts who had planned concerts in Scotland, England and Wales. The dates were set but never made it onto our SHOWS page for obvious reasons.  Here's to flattening the curve of this virus, staying safe, staying home and staying connected in all of the marvelous ways we can these days. 

We hope to still tour in Switzerland and Germany planned for September but of course its too early to be sure of much just now.

Stay tuned and we will see you all on screens and one day eventually this shall pass and we can be face to face again.

May peace fill your cup as we take opportunity to flow gently and love one another the best way we possibly can for now.

Blessings from our patch of green and may you and yours stay safe and well.

With love,  Kylie and Sammy


More March Madness 

Cooee folks, 

Well, we are following precautions and enjoying the rural life here in Co. Wexford...grateful for being able to do so. Covid-19 is not robbing us of either joy or peace.  Ireland is both sensible, unhysterical and forewarned and if we all maintain pretty simple instructions we will for the most part be fine. Just remember, this lurgy likes lungs, protect them, wash hands, no nosepicking... you get it!

Last week we had another release on streaming platforms, Adelady is available everywhere including right here! Check us out on Spotify and CD Baby.

Our days are unhurried, ample time for rehearsal, writing, reading and admin. Obviously we too have had work for the next weeks cancelled and/or postponed. The 'Mercyland in Ireland 2020' songwriters event is hopefully postponed until October. Stay tuned for info later this year!

Its a wee bit early to tell whether our summer tour in the UK will still go ahead, dates are set, just not posted. We will let you know for sure as soon as we can.  We are also aware that people are wanting to buy Sammy's Worship LIke A Celt CDs and are working to make them available on our music page here as well as on BANDCAMP.

Meanwhile we thank you all for your support, friendship and spirit of community inspite of current hardships and uncertain days. 

This too shall pass, and we believe, the best is yet to come.

Peace, out x



Wiradjuri. New release to CD Baby,Spotify... 

This was a part of Australian history too important not to put to song and share. These brave Wiradjuri tribesmen Yarri and Jacky Jacky (and others) were responsible for saving many lives in the tragic flood of Gundagai (NSW) when the Murrumbidgee River swept homes, livestock and folk away in June 1852.

White settlers had been warned by local aboriginal people not to build on the flats but move to higher ground, they did not heed this advice to their peril and the Wiradjuri men and their fragile bark canoes worked tirelessly rescuing people through three long days and nights. If not for their bravery most of the town's population would have perished, and this despite the fact that many Wiradjuri lost their lives due to the colonisers’ violence during the settlement of Gundagai and surrounds...racism was rife in the region.  The rescuers were even treated badly after the flood!

Hat's off to these gentleman who deserve an Australian Government Bravery Award,  that has been denied initially but the Brungle Tumut Local Aboriginal Land Council are reapplying for this recognition.

Enjoy the track here CD BabySpotify

The Australian Sessions CD is available now in hardcopy or download.



February News, Singles releases and Trade-Off 

Valentines Day is Feb 14th and to celebrate love we are releasing our first single off "The Australian Sessions" on Spotify, CD Baby and anywhere else one streams from! This beautiful song by Rich Davies is a heart breaker and so far proving to be a crowd pleaser. Check it out, this Friday.

Meanwhile in Mae Sot,Thailand Sammy and Rhys Duursma are smashing the electrical and studio trade schools with 17 and 7 students respectively making this our biggest training event thus far. Check out our TRADE-OFF page for all the details and images, it takes a tribe and we've got the best.

Lastly, the Australian Bushfire Benefit Concert in the Wexford Arts Centre on Jan 31st was epic, well executed, vibrant and diverse. A great night was had by all and we raised €2000 thanks to the wonderful people of Wexford. Huge thanks to all who came, supported, played, and to the Wexford Arts Centre for hosting the event. The proceeds are being donated to the SA Bushfire Appeal

Peace out x

Australian Bushfire Benefit @ Wexford Arts Centre update 

Australia is burning. It is both catastrophic and unprecedented. Australia, long known as the land of fires, droughts and floods, is experiencing the worst ever crisis in its recorded history. Since September 2019, in a hideously premature fire season, 33 people have perished, at least 1 billion animals have died, and over 2000 homes and nearly 11 million hectares have been incinerated. Wiped out. That’s nearly twice the size of Ireland.

The artists above are staging a benefit concert on January 31st at the Wexford Arts Centre, who have generously provided their beautiful venue. All profits raised will go to the Australian Bushfire Appeal. Specific details will be announced on the night. If you would like to get on board, come and support the concert. If you can’t make it to the Arts Centre on January 31st, you can plan an event, or fund-raise, using your talents and initiative. Every little bit helps. We are many. Here are some useful links for donations: 



Happy 2020 Folks! 

Happy New Year, New Decade!! Welcome to the 20s!! 

Rest is top of our list thus far (and himself is better for it) but after a month of that we are starting to think, plan and create towards all the year has in store @CampSweetSorrows!  Thailand looms for Sammy; we have a Wexford show in March thanks to Real Rockin' Roots; and ongoing discussion with publisher-types regarding Mr Horner's book - Finn and the Wild Goose. 'The Australian Sessions' are leaving the shelves and we've been getting some great feed back and response thanks guys! If you haven't heard the new tunes or would like to purchase a copy go HERE!

Only two tours for The Sweet Sorrows in 2020...UK/ Ireland first in May / June and then to  Switzerland and Germany  in September. Some dates are in for the UK tour, but we'd love to come and play for you...message us for details, with any questions or if you would like to book us in your venue or your lounge room, we aren't fussy!

Our hearts and prayers and thoughts are with all suffering in the Australian fires, such devastation and loss...such courage from so many.. The heartbreak will continue for awhile yet.  Aussies are a tough breed and are rallying with typical resilience but this is the worst disaster on record. Much love to all of you that we know down unda, stay safe, we are rooting for you!!