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new Sammy horner website

We are pleased to announce a brand new site for all things Sammy Horner  is current , where you can check out info and merchandise from his latest musical projects like Rev. Sam & The Outcasts, to his books - Evie Versus The Dark and  Finn & The Wild Goose, not to mention his Patreon page and memorabilia including The Electrics.


Autumn Catchup. 

Well hullo!

Oh what a summer! It was SO good to get back in the saddle, on the road and 'with' you all again.  Sammy's Ukraine trip in May was not thwarted by the covid we came down with a week before he went! It proved to be likely the first of many and he covered a lot of ground and came home with much to share. Our hearts and prayers are with our friends, and all there and he is planning on being back there early '23.

Kylie's lungs took awhile to bounce back, and June in the UK was a great way to work out the kinks as we dusted off our trusty PA system and hit the road. 2 weeks home in July and then we were off to tour the USA - and covered a fair bit of it in over 10,000 miles and 14 states from California to Pennsylvania and Montana to Georgia. the word. SO grateful and thankful for all who help, support, book us, come listen, and buy merchandise. You validate us in our endeavours and our hearts overflow with the kindness, not to mention the great craic that we have shared with so many. 

We have been home in Wexford over 2 weeks now and still processing all we have done and the 'hows'  of what we do, as we re-cultivate the rhythms of homelife.  Apple harvest, studio production work, writing for a new Electrics album in the new year. Good things.

More news to come before the end of 2022, but as the weather gets cool and crisp and the trees explode in a last hurrah of riotous colour, it is nice to be by the Irish Sea again. 

With every blessing from our hearth to yours ♡

Irish/UK Tour and Fundraiser for Ukraine in association with GSCMC 

Greetings from Springtime in the sunny south east of Ireland!

Things are hotting up as we nail down the last few dates of our "AT LAST" Irish/UK Tour 2022 which will start and finish in Co. Wexford and cover Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales from May 22 throughout June. ( *NB first Wexford date was double booked, thus 22 May in Wexford is postponed TBA.)

Bookings are also in earnest for what looks to be a busy USA Summer Tour (late July into September).  We are grateful and excited to hit the road again. Bring it on! Please holler for information and especially if you would like us to play your town.

Closer to home and our hearts at present is the plight of Ukrainians and their precious country. Sammy wrote a song earlier this year and we have used 'We All Have To Row' and offered it for sale in a fundraising effort that has so far yielded just over €1150.

Our brothers in the Ukranian chapter of God's Squad CMC are working relentlessly providing aid, vital medical supplies, all of their military and chaplain skills. Its a considerable coordination effort and fraught with imminent danger given the offensives that are ongoing. The needs are great, we do all have to row and do what we can. Thank you to all of you who have helped, and please do share.

Meanwhile, Himself is painting up a storm as he prepares for Gorey Art School's student exhibition later in May. To say he has enjoyed the last 7 months is an understatement. He may go into a decline when it all ends, fortunately he will be busy touring and hey, you can draw wherever you are!

Here's to seeing you somewhere on the road.

Love & Revelation ♡

   Kylie and Sammy


Christmas News from us 

Well, here we are in 2021 and things have hardly changed in terms of what we do for a job.  More lockdowns (Ireland had one of the longest lockdowns  running for 500 days) and further restrictions due to Covid have left us firmly stuck in Ireland.  The positive side of that is that we live on the Wexford coast…a pretty beautiful part of the world to be stranded. We have enjoyed our own home, bed, neighbours and local artists and art workers in our vicinity, but not being able to tour has caused obvious problems.  In 2020 we had a children’s book published and produce two albums.  Thanks to everyone who helped us with those projects but 2021 has been a bit slower.  The studio finally died meaning a complete upgrade and some new learning curves to get it all running. 

We are so hopeful that 2022 will mean working again.

Meanwhile we have started a subscription Patreon account to enable continued relational interaction with our global community, realising that 40+ wks per year aren't going to be endurable as this pandemic caper  continues and it will enable a small income to tide us over the months at home  (if we can make it a successful venture.) 

It’s a bit hard to know how this pandemic will pan out as the bug becomes endemic.. meanwhile, we bloom where we are planted and have developed beautiful relationships here at home. 

Sammy is largely working on writing, working with new software in the studio, getting the word out about the children's books - Evie Versus The Dark, a rhyming bedtime book for young children, is available in hardcopy, and Finn And The Wild Goose in both hard copy and audio book. Available on his WEBSITE. We can and shall ship to you wherever you are!
 We were so so grateful to get to see family/grandkids in Scotland twice this year after a long 20 months without hugs. 

Kylie did a course with Dr. Baxter Kruger and Perichoresis Australia, Feb - April which was timely and wonderful, called 'Introducing the Trinitarian Faith', zoom lectures and seminars and times of encounter and rich fellowship/teaching. 

Since then she has been asked to help facilitate 2 further courses, one on Australian time, the other USA timeframe which is a challenge given it runs midnight to 3am our time zone...regardless it has been a delight to see Jesus, Abba and Holy Spirit at work and participating in what they are doing in people's lives and hearts. Such a privilege. 

Joy and Love and Revelation to you all, we sincerely hope to see you in 2022!

        Kylie and Sammy xx

November news 

Greetings all,

Its been a wee while since posting here. We had hoped to have seen some of you in a UK tour off the back of book launches late Sep and Oct but the pandemic made that counter-intuitive. Not making money for this long means touring requires a positive fiscal outcome. So, back to the drawing board and we shall tour in earnest next year. 

In the interim this has been a time of online zoom courses (Kylie) and attending Gorey Art School (Sammy) both very enjoyable pursuits as well as getting to perform locally here in Carlow for the book launch of 'Smith Happens' Sammy's humorous book on the many mishaps that that great man survived despite all odds. The craic was mighty and validated that we've all been far too long without the joy of live performance.

Some of you who follow us on social media will know that we are looking at the "hows" of doing our thing at this juncture. Being global peeps means adjusting to how we reach fans and friends best. We have gotten some encouraging feedback on our plan to start a Patreon account to better enable connectivity and some regular income and whilst our hope is to be touring as soon as practical, Patreon ensures accessibility to our tribe without the algorithms and bollocks of Facecloth and the like.

So, stay tuned, we plan to launch on Himself's birthday Dec 1st, and if you want to get the details, sign up for emails. 

Love & Revelation!

Mid-year @ Camp Horner 


How are you?

As we think on how this year is flowing and gear up for the rest of it we hope you are managing life-with-the-plague and various related issues okay. We are both jabbed up and "ready to roll" when travel restrictions ease. 

Himself has been busy on all things 'Sammy Horner', tweaking a brand new website that will provide info/sales on every front be it music, books, The Electrics memorabilia and not least Rev. Sam & The Outcasts merchandise.  The latest addition to this is RS&TO Bourbon from the wonderful people at Spirit of Alba... made in Kentucky it is a topnotch whisky with 'spicy complexity a little like the Reverend himself'. First order has sold out, more ordered, our only regret is that no international shipping is available, so UK and Ireland sales only at this stage. We'll let you know how it goes down ;)

Many thanks for the response via social media for a Book/Music tour for Finn & The Wild Goose in September.  So far we have interest in Wexford, Belfast, Glasgow, Dundee and Balloch...all of these dates are of course, dependent on restrictions being lifted by that time. We'd love to fill out a couple of weeks, and we realize that 'book tour' isn't what we usually do, but we promise it will be fun with readings from Finn & The Wild Goose, thoughts on writing, Q & A and a little bit of music from the two of us for good measure. Message us for details....thanks in advance...Let's get some live events happening again! 

Meanwhile, take care of one another, consider/pray for our friends in Myanmar who are doing it tough, and hang in there, the best is yet to come.



Trade-Off project 'On Yer Bike' 

So…a lot of you know that we run a little charity thing called Trade-Off. The idea is simple…we both have various skill sets so we go and teach them to people who have no access to educational possibilities. We have done this in Eastern Europe and Thailand in northern Chiang Mai and the Thai Burmese /Border. The idea is to give people skills that will either help them find decent paying work, or simply keep them alive! Sammy trains young men (mostly) to be basic electricians (lights power, earthing/grounding and safety) and Kylie trains basic first response medical skills and hygiene etc. Last year we introduced another area of training when Australian musician/writer and producer Rhys Duursma came with us to build a recording studio and train audio engineers. In 2020 we were invited to Myanmar to build a brand new training centre. This was amazing on multiple levels but then COVID kicked in and now Burma/Myanmar is in crisis. We were left wondering what we could do this year, since we cannot physically travel and teach. We had long chats with some of our friends and underlined the issues. We haven’t been able to tour, so we haven’t been able to put the funds to the side for our annual work…but we have a plan -if you want to help us! 

We will be launching a project called ‘ON YER BIKE’ and it’s a simple but brilliant idea. If we can provide 20 front line health workers with a bicycle and a basic first aid back pack we can help around 25,000 people in remote villages. These workers would teach hygiene, family health, pregnancy advice, basic health check ups and would be able to communicate more serious health issues to the bigger clinics. We know it sounds like a lot,  BUT a bike in Thailand costs around $50 USD and the medical backpack around $100 USD. …so for $3000 USD we can help, support and care for 25,000 people. That is great value and it will actually save and prolong the lives of a lot of people. We are going to auction off some authentic Thai / Burmese items, art work and more but we hope that you can join with us and bring some good news and hope to some of the very poorest people on the planet.

Just for anyone wondering about our 'Trade-Off' or 'On Yer Bike' projects..there is no middle man and every cent goes to the given project. We don't work alone..we have friends in two amazing organizations who live and work on the Thai/Myanmar border doing incredible work. The Trade Off schools work along side these incredible people in The Charis Project and Global Catalytic Network

Please don't hesitate to go directly to them if you need any information or you see some of the other work they are involved in. In this case, 'ON YER BIKE' will be supporting the ongoing family support work with The Charis Project and, hopefully by next year we will be building a training center in Myanmar with the Global Catalytic Network. These folk are already impacting thousands of lives in some of the poorest communities on earth...let's lend a hand. We will be putting up items for auction via Facebook...thank you to everyone who wants to be in.

Use this link:

On Yer Bike Paypal

March, Merch and More 

Spring tidings to you all as we relish sunshine ( a bit more) and welcome definite signs of a new season.
Continued 5km lockdown aside here in Ireland, we have given our local postmaster a run for his money with all the Kickstarter pledge-rewards being thrown at him!

The combined joys of brexit and covid made actually getting our hands on Rev. Sam & The Outcasts and Far Away Places somewhat of a challenge, but obstacles were over come, and vinyls, cds, t-shirts, artwork, hip flasks and all manner of swag are in the mail on their way to all who participated in our crowd funder to get these albums made. Huge thanks, we are so grateful!

The house is full of merchandise, we cant tour for the foreseeable future and our turn for vaccinations is doubtless months away.

We shall be launching the new albums on Bandcamp on April  2nd, digital downloads and hard copies. Thanks to those who have already written with orders and purchases, we are delighted and glad to off load all this stuff to anyone interested. Stay tuned we shall plug it all on social media etc.

Peace and Love to y'all.

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How's Your January? 

G'day folks, from our wet but pretty part of the world...Day "I-dont-know" of Lockdown #3 - or is it 4?

We lose count and it will continue into March here as they trickle the vaccine out. Staying home, minding ourselves etc.

There's not much news and won't get into the mundanities of home water leaks and damage  but on the music front all is coming along.  Our Kickstarter campaign last year enabled us to get Sammy's first lockdown projects manufactured and we are delighted that both Far Away Places and Rev. Sam & The Outcasts are  (nearly) in our hands - both Brexit and covid have slowed down delivery. ygt ;)  Test pressing of the vinyl Rev. Sam sounds great and all is go on that front.  

We are so grateful for all the help we have had from so many  to help these albums to completion. Thank you! Release of both albums on band camp is slated for April.  Himself has recorded an audio book of Finn and The Wild Goose, an immersive experience complete with side effects, stay tuned for more info about release on that.  Writing continues, as the weeks stretch in the meantime.. Herself will be able to - at last- apply for Irish naturalisation in March. No travel is imminent so may as well get that process going. 

The wild garlic is coming, the birds are definitely louder and happier, bring on the Spring as we wait in hope for change, safety and a better new normal.

Peace xx

Sammy's Christmas Musings 

So this is Christmas.  It’s upon us again in what we might all call the weirdest year of our lives.  Truth is, it’s been a crappy year for a lot of people. Businesses hammered, families separated, 

art and music locked down, houses of worship closed, people sick and dying and travel has basically been non existent. 

It’s been horrible but that is 2020 for a lot of us.  For us the year hadn’t finished sticking the boot in.  In December we had two deaths in the family and two know, Murphy’s Law.. when you think it can’t get any worse… it does.  However this time of year is always when I seem to reflect best and the arrival of the most beautiful Nativity Scene,  made by a dear friend delighted me and made me think about this time of year. 

The weird thing about the ‘Christmas Story’ that we see on cards, in town squares, children’s plays and under Christmas Trees is that mostly it is untrue…or at least inaccurate. 

The idea of the nativity combines a bunch of stories, myths and ideas into one perfect beautiful scene while in reality there wasn’t much all that beautiful about it…but we like the illusion ( and I do like it because like everyone else, I like lovely things) better than the reality. 

The Christmas story took place in a country occupied by an invading brutal force. An unmarried pregnant girl and her fiancé are forced to travel  for census/ taxation purposes just before one of the worst cases of mass infanticide would take place. 

When the baby finally arrives..(they said he was Immanuel, King of kings, the Saviour etc etc)….he is dropped in an animals’ feeding trough….makes you wonder doesn’t it? 

2020 has been a horrible year…..2000 years ago, (give or take) it was also a horrible year.  And there have been horrible years since.  A pandemic isn’t the norm for sure, but years come and they go and there is no telling how good or bad they might be. 

This year would have been much worse without the things we have learned. We are thankful for the support and love of family and friends globally, but this year has allowed us to stay home and get to know our neighbours and find a wonderful richness in the artistic community in Wexford.  We have learned that medical workers, shop keepers , postmen and other, often overlooked services are truly essential. We have seen a rallying in communities and the heroes amongst us are often the ‘ordinary’ folk around us. 

Some things go without saying…proud of my son who has climbed to the top of his game by his mid 30’s, my daughter for starting a new career in health care just as Covid hit.  My grandkids for no particular reason except the joy of being their Pop. My wife for putting up with my very focused  but annoying mind.    

My old friend John Smith once told me that artists and those on the fringes of society often intuitively ‘feel’ the truth…he called such people the ‘nerve endings of society.’  Also, personally I’ve been lifted  out of potential gloom by  71 year old Bruce Springsteen’s keen observations on life…by Cursed Murphy v’s The Resistance’ passionate wails for justice.  Ian Doyle’s reminders of how dark life can be, the commitment to excellence of The Remedy Club, ( you can google all these artists and buy their music). The inspirational creativity of Emma Sherman’s needlework, Dan Comerford’s guitar building, Kylie’s kitchen endeavours, Ecke Weiland’s painting, Alexander Lee Buie’s exceptional art work,  Yuval Noah Harari’s prophetic warnings of the terrifying possibilities of technology and my late sister’s ability to laugh at life. The commitment of local businesses like RED BOOKS in Wexford to support local writers like Dan Finn. The coexistence of joy and grief we find in the Irish wake. Hemingway’s Old Man Of the Sea and the exhausting struggle that is his working life. CS Lewis reminds us that there may well be someone out to get us in Screwtape Letters. Roald Dahl,  Richard Rohr, Robert Kirk, John Smith, Jesus Christ and more all help me navigate life. 

In the Christmas story, it still strikes me that the first visitors were shepherds. These guys knew things before anyone else.  The dodgy, hard drinking, smelly, dirty, potty mouthed, rough, untrustworthy dwellers from the edges (The general social thinking on shepherds in that time) knew about good news before the politicians, the religious people, the rich, the high society tribe, the intellectuals  and the do-gooders. Over the years it has often been those on the edge of society who have taught me my most sobering lessons. 

I love that it is these men who tell everybody this good news.  Perhaps in 2021 we need to listen harder to those on the edges because if we think good news just comes from preachers and those in power, maybe we still prefer the illusion more than the truth. 

Make it as merry as you can, and a hopeful New year to you all..

Fully Funded! Amazed, Humbled and Grateful 

We did it - and the 'we' includes so many from all over the globe who made the decision to support and see this project come to fruition.

Thank you! 

As touring musicians who can't just now, this is encouragement, this is connection, and inspite of pandemics and a myriad of struggles, this is hope in action. 

As Kylie applies for Irish naturalisation and we get these musical albums manufactured, know that our hearts are full, humbled and so grateful. We will work to get all the pledge rewards to you as soon as practicable keeping in mind that UK and parts of Europe are again locking down and non-essential services won't be available. Still, most businesses we are using are still on track with our orders, so God willin' and the creek don't rise...

Music is important, the arts are vital. Now as much as ever, and whilst we are unable to stand in front of you and entertain you in a typical way, we hope that Far Away Places and Rev. Sam & The Outcasts will lift your spirits, remind you of things past, and that the best is yet to come.

Love from our patch of green.


We are pleased to announce a new website featuring all things Sammy Horner where you can find info on new books and music notably Finn & The Wild Goose and Rev. Sam & The Outcasts.