Goodness its June already!

Hi gang,

Cooee from the sunny southeast of Ireland!  For those that dont track us on socials, we have been busy  to-ing and fro-ing. Tours in Jan in Australia and March in UK went really well.  Wales, Scotland and a week in Yorkshire was great, new friends and old!

April saw us in Germany playing CRN- ‘One More Song’ in Ennepetal along with The Electrics who have a new album out and are having an official launch gig in Scotland in November.  May brought Phil Madeira and a lovely group of songwriters to Gorey for Mercyland Ireland, the second year of this successful workshop that promises to run again in 2025.  In amongst these events we have enjoyed the opportunity to host friends who are needing an Irish rest stop and we are grateful to get to reciprocate the incredible hospitality and generosity that we have been given world over.  Loads of dear friends and family coming over the summer and then late July will see us head to Germany for a 2 wk tour. Dates going up soon.

Also a constant in our hearts are our friends in Ukraine. Sammy is just back from a week with GSCMC there which incorporated travel, music, connection and time with so many who are just grateful for the company and effort not to mention the funds raised and 60kg of aid, supplies and gifts. We remain so grateful to all who gave and supported the whole venture. 

Our next long haul adventure will see us in India in October. Stay tuned for more on that.

Love & craic from our patch of beach!

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