The Sweet Sorrows bring Celtic charm and edge together with soft harmonies to create an Americana/Celtic/Roots fusion. ”

— CrossRhythms UK


A Few Tunes


Celticana (2017)

A new album from The Sweet Sorrows featuring Phil Madeira & Chris Donohue from Emmy Lou's Red Dirt Boys, Dennis Holt and Tim Cotterell. Recorded in Wexford Ireland and Nashville TN blending Celtic & Americana music. Produced by Phil Madeira.


“Sammy and Kylie Horner plus some talented friends have created an intermingling of traditional Celtic influence and narrative poured over and fused with vibrant rock-tinged Americana ... and ensured that it’s a mélange to savour.” (FolkWords) 

“Produced by long time friend Phil Madeira (Nashville) … a vibrant fusion of Celtic/folk and rootsy, country grooves while other musical elements also get a nod as they go from upbeat foot-stompers to gentle ballads.” (CrossRhythms) 

“Sammy and I have a long term friendship and have walked with each other through life's hard stuff. I'm always going to say yes to him. He's an inspirational guy, and one of the best songwriters I know. Sammy can write about the Gospel without making you feel like he's trying to change you. He knows how to tell the story that can change your life. I like helping him do that.” (Phil Madeira, Nashville producer/session musician/songwriter) 

“There’s a combination of sharp songwriting, a clear ‘feel’ for precise and engaging lyrics, wrapped up in a Celtic-Americana mix that’s rich in delivery and profuse with catchy hooks ... add luscious vocals, both lead and harmonies and that’s ‘Celticana.’” (FolkWords)


Shorter Bio

The Sweet Sorrows bring Celtic charm and edge together with soft harmonies to create an Americana/Celtic/Roots fusion. (CrossRhythms UK) 

Based in Co. Wexford, Ireland, The Sweet Sorrows are veteran Irish singer-songwriter Sammy Horner and his Australian wife Kylie.  They tour globally with their blend of original and trad music delighting audiences with their humour and vocal harmonies. Sammy’s guitar and bodhran is matched well by Kylie’s whistles, melodica and accordion. 

An evening with The Sweet Sorrows always promises to be highly entertaining, provocative and moving. Their intimacy, transparency and strength of passion on stage has won them many fans. 

“You’ve heard of Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris, Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova, now listen  to The Sweet Sorrows. 


Longer Bio

Husband and wife team, Sammy & Kylie Horner formed The Sweet Sorrows in 2012 after moving to Canada from their native countries, Ireland & Australia. 

Sammy Horner was the founding member of Celtic Rock combo, The Electrics. He made seven albums with the band and toured extensively in Europe and the USA. He has a successful solo career and almost single handedly brought a new feel to spiritual music with his ground breaking Celtic Praise series. He has played shows in Europe, USA, Canada, The Far East, South Africa and Australia. With over thirty albums in his body of work, he has received critically acclaimed reviews and has a large fan base globally. He has performed at major festivals all over the world and produces other artists in both Europe and the USA. Sammy has also played bass for Buddy Miller, Julie Miller, Mitch McVicker and Glen Kaiser. He has shared stages with Motorhead, Cliff Richard, The Alarm, Therapy?, Bob Geldof, Bruce Cockburn & Martin Joseph. His songs have been covered by numerous artists including Buddy & Julie Miller. 

Kylie was involved in music from an early age, received vocal and ballet training as well as learning piano and flute. She was a model both for visual and voice over work.  She has been a lead vocalist and backing vocalist for bands in Australia, The Middle East & the USA.

An evening with The Sweet Sorrows always promises to be highly entertaining, provocative and moving. Their intimacy, transparency and strength of passion on stage has won them many fans.  





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British journalist, author and music critic - Clive Price 

“You've heard Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris, Glen Hansard and Marketa listen to The Sweet Sorrows. The rugged Celtic edge of Sammy Horner joins the dreamy sounds of Kylie Horner to produce something completely new indeed. Something…different.” - Clive Price 

Can'ticles Review by Stephen Luff (CrossRhythms Magazine, UK) 

“The onetime Electrics man, Sammy Horner, is now based in the USA and with his wife Kylie here offers a top collection of Celtic-style songs, following on from The Sweet Sorrows' 'It All Belongs'. This new set, subtitled "Songs For The Not So Perfect", features some effective harmonies such as on "You Got Mine" (complete with some atmospheric sitar playing) and "Run To You". There is also a touch of rock'n'roll in "One Last Nerve", while the opener "Ain't Got Nothing On Me" is a great country-tinged foot tapper. A perfect counterpoint to Sammy's gutsy tones, Kylie's voice is an absolute joy throughout. This is amply demonstrated on "There Is No Word For This (Noah's Song)" which is beautifully delivered as a solo track. Throughout the largely relationship-based lyrics, the great Celtic music and outstanding vocals make this album a heartwarming listen.” - Stephen Luff 


Keltic Ken - Celtic Christian Spirit radio, California. "It All Belongs"-- The Sweet Sorrows 

The 'sorrows' in question are anything but sorrowful...this is new music from the husband and wife duo of Sammy and Kylie Horner. Sammy, of course, is no stranger to the music business, having recorded a number of solo releases as well as his work fronting the trailblazing band The Electrics. 

"It All Belongs" is the first full album from The Horners as a team and the result is a wonderfully fresh potpourri of tunes sampling a variety of musical styles. 
From the 'old-timey' sound of the snap, crackle and pop of a record commencing to play to the initial funky "deep in the swamp" notes of the opening song "Ain't No Devil Ever Gonna Come Steal My Soul", you know you're in for a trek to musical territory with deep roots. 

Along the way, I heard echoes of what could have been an old cowboy song ("Helper") with a plea for someone to help "drag me through"... a sweet old love song that would have been at home at an Appalachian Barn Dance ("I'll Dance With The Girl That I Brung")..."If I Knew" with a Classic Rock vibe...Celtic takes on Ecclesiastes, Psalms and The Prodigal Son..."Different", a love song celebrating the diverse personalities that comprise a relationship (featuring, I believe, the first time ever in song lyrics that the subject of "she still laughs at things like passing gas" has been broached!!!)...and, a full-on Electrics treatment of The Irish Blessing, "May The Road." 

"It All Belongs" is a terrifically eclectic blend of music from The it, because we want to encourage such independent creativity in a world of "flavor of the month" pop music.