1. Adelady

From the recording The Australian Sessions

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Written by Sammy Horner (PRS/MCPS)
Vocals: Sammy & Kylie Horner
Acoustic/bass guitars: Sammy Horner
Lead Guitar: Kj McEvoy
Piano, organ: Brian Baker

Notes…. Kylie is an Adelaide girl and a while back one of her nursing friends came to stay with us in Ireland. I was working on songs for this album as they left one day to go for coffee. The words, ‘See you later Adeladies’ fell out of my mouth…..I wrote this before they had paid for their first lattes.


In a little Irish bar room
he sat down with a glass or two merlot,
closed his eyes and put his finger on a map
to find the place that he thought he might go.
And he smiled at the location
‘Cause outside it was kinda cold and rainy
Never dreamt that in a few days
He’d feast his eyes upon an Adelady

It seemed a different world away
The second that he stepped out of his hotel
He was hotter than he’d ever been
thought he’d get out of the sunshine for a short spell
So he wandered in the park lands
sat beneath a tree where it was shady
and just a yard or two away he locked eyes
with a lovely Adelady

She smiled at him and said ‘How do you do?’
He said ‘better now that I’ve run into you.
Would you like to have a drink, or is that crazy
So they trundled down to Rundle Mall
And found a cosy bar and and took a table
Must have talked for seven hours
Almost finished a full bottle of Black Label
Then he walked her home and took a chance
and stole a kiss because he that maybe
she’d be the one who’d get away,
and he knew that he loved his Adelady