Trade-off is our way of plugging in with others in need, practically, supportively…Using our various career skills to aid, educate and further others who desperately require a hand-up rather than just a hand-out! 

Sammy is a trained electrician, teacher and ordained minister and Kylie has 3 decades experience as a registered nurse with diverse tribal people groups in different settings, notably Australia (SA/NT), Saudi Arabia and USA. 

February 2019 we returned to Mae Sot, Thailand, and ran three trade schools,  a level 1 electrical one as usual, a level 2 electrical, and a first response trauma/medical skills school. This incorporated basic life support, first aid, wound management, and  pertinent skills like BP assessment, stroke awareness, cardiovascular education and the essentials of good hand washing!   This was  achieved in partnership with and Check 'em out!

Please contact us for any questions or about donating to what we do. We took  wound care supplies, IV cannulas, space blankets and more donated by many!  We also  purchased CPR mannikins that we took with us and that will be used by Shade Tree Foundation to train others.  We bought  much of our equipment and supplies for both schools in Mae Sot and are grateful for the assistance we have been given to purchase: electrical tools, tool kits, job-site materials, BP sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, tourniquets, scissors, dressing packs etc.

We are also cultivating an environment to teach song writing, music production – arrangement/recording and performance, and hope to record local original music whilst there.