Trade-off is our way of plugging in with others in need, practically, supportively…Using our various career skills to aid, educate and further others who desperately require a hand-up rather than just a hand-out! 

Sammy is a trained electrician, teacher and ordained minister and Kylie has 3 decades experience as a registered nurse with diverse/tribal people groups in different settings, notably Australia (SA/NT), Saudi Arabia and also USA. 

Our opportunities in this capacity have seen us travel to Thailand over the last decade, also to Romania and more recently Sammy has taken supplies and aid into Ukraine aided by God's Squad CMC members.

Our last trip back on the Thai/Burmese border in Mae Sot was Sep 2023.  The Electrical Level 1 Course trained 14 students including 2 women for the first time.  All graduated successfully with their own tool belts and showed themselves to be adept on their practical project where they all proved they could apply learnt principals in the real. Huge thanks to all who participated in this event. The funds for tools, electrical supplies, in particular,food to feed 20 people every day which was responded to beautifully via our social media request… You all rock and we are all so grateful!

We ran a CPR and emergency 1st response training as well.   We were able to partner with a local anti-trafficking group Global Alms due to the generous response of many after our social media appeal, and helped provide needs for a new safe house that G.A. are now using as short term housing for domestic violence and trafficked rescues.  The almost daily sounds of bombing and rockets impacting beyond the border was a sobering reminder of the war that very few hear about outside of this region.

  This was achieved in partnership with and Check 'em out!

If you would like more information on our Thailand/Myanmar partners or how to be involved and support this valuable lifesaving work, please contact us.

You can donate via our Modern Day page,  or in Australia, Trade Off Australia Inc. bank account details :