Christmas Holler from Down Under

Well…what a year!  We decided for the first chunk of 2023 we would stay home and offer our house as a place of healing and rest.  Initially we had no idea how that would go, but the diary soon filled up with friends and family coMing from the USA, England and Scotland.  It was our turn to cook, listen, drive and be travel hosts for a short season and we loved every moment of it.

We did hit the road a little bit in Germany and Switzerland with a wonderful two week tour playing creative and beautiful venues cross both countries, and The Electrics also played a few shows in Germany reconnecting us with old mates from way back.
We had hoped to get to Ukraine again (Sammy was there in January), but in the end it just wasn’t do-able  for a host of reasons, however, we have our sights set on a return to the country in 2024.

Our Trade-Off Charity in Thailand  was a wonderful time.  We trained a total of about 25 young men and women in electrical skills and medical knowledge.  It was good to hear what has been happening in Burma during the pandemic.  Incredible stories of bravery in the worst of conditions and more than 40 trade schools being run in villages making them safer for the local people.
We headed to Scotland to make a new album with The Electrics in November, then a quick dash home before flying to Australia for Christmas with family and shall tour in January.  

Ongoing medical issues..Sammy's eye issue is still a concern, but other wise we are in good shape. (Now that Sammy is recovering from a gnarly dose of covid on our arrival.)

It’s been a full year with as much travel as normal and we simply couldn’t have done any of it without your help and support, for which we are continually amazed.

Thanks to all of you for every support you give to help us do our thing.

Blessings and love this Christmas,




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