Goodness its June already!

Hi gang,

Cooee from the sunny southeast of Ireland!  For those that dont track us on socials, we have been busy  to-ing and fro-ing. Tours in Jan in Australia and March in UK went really well.  Wales, Scotland and a…

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Christmas Holler from Down Under

Well…what a year!  We decided for the first chunk of 2023 we would stay home and offer our house as a place of healing and rest.  Initially we had no idea how that would go, but the diary soon filled…

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From Switzerland to Germany now Scotland.

 Our time since the Thai trip flew by!  Culture Night at The Bear Cave Live (the best intimate listening venue in northern Co. Wexford) was a great way to beat jet lag and our first full length gig in our…

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Sawat dee kha from Thailand.

It's good to be back in Thailand after way too long. Our Trade-Off Electrical Training Course started Tuesday 5th Sep. We delayed a day due to greatly increased difficulty getting 5 here across Myanmar. There was rejoicing once they were…

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Latest News from the Irish Coast

Well,  2023 has been a different kind of year for us. 

 After fairly big UK and USA tours in ’22 we certainly felt the need to readdress how we do things.   Figuring out a way to tour that is less…

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Sammy & Kylie & 2023 '?'

    "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.” 

                                                                 - John Lennon.


It’s almost here,  and like many of you we are wondering what shape 2023 is going to take.  World economies running out of control, basic living costs…

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Rev. Sam's Christmas Rant

It’s nearly here again. This past year I have noticed more than ever a common theme on media sites/newspapers/seats of government and TV. If you say it long enough, and loud enough it soon becomes the perceived truth…even if it…

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Autumn Catchup.

Well hullo!

Oh what a summer! It was SO good to get back in the saddle, on the road and 'with' you all again.  Sammy's Ukraine trip in May was not thwarted by the covid we came down with a…

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Christmas News from us

Well, here we are in 2021 and things have hardly changed in terms of what we do for a job.  More lockdowns (Ireland had one of the longest lockdowns  running for 500 days) and further restrictions due to Covid have…

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November news

Greetings all,

Its been a wee while since posting here. We had hoped to have seen some of you in a UK tour off the back of book launches late Sep and Oct but the pandemic made that counter-intuitive. Not…

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Mid-year @ Camp Horner


How are you?

As we think on how this year is flowing and gear up for the rest of it we hope you are managing life-with-the-plague and various related issues okay. We are both jabbed up and "ready to…

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