November news

Greetings all,

Its been a wee while since posting here. We had hoped to have seen some of you in a UK tour off the back of book launches late Sep and Oct but the pandemic made that counter-intuitive. Not making money for this long means touring requires a positive fiscal outcome. So, back to the drawing board and we shall tour in earnest next year. 

In the interim this has been a time of online zoom courses (Kylie) and attending Gorey Art School (Sammy) both very enjoyable pursuits as well as getting to perform locally here in Carlow for the book launch of 'Smith Happens' Sammy's humorous book on the many mishaps that that great man survived despite all odds. The craic was mighty and validated that we've all been far too long without the joy of live performance.

Some of you who follow us on social media will know that we are looking at the "hows" of doing our thing at this juncture. Being global peeps means adjusting to how we reach fans and friends best. We have gotten some encouraging feedback on our plan to start a Patreon account to better enable connectivity and some regular income and whilst our hope is to be touring as soon as practical, Patreon ensures accessibility to our tribe without the algorithms and bollocks of Facecloth and the like.

So, stay tuned, we plan to launch on Himself's birthday Dec 1st, and if you want to get the details, sign up for emails. 

Love & Revelation!

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