Rev. Sam & The Outcasts Recording is kicking!

We are 5 days into our campaign to get these latest albums made and already nearly 20% funded!  Huge thanks to all who have contributed and we deeply appreciate it. 
We are excited for you all to hear both of these projects - each seriously good records in their own right and with a cast of talent from all over.

We are doing updates on our progress and adding info on the 'how to' of the whole shebang, you can follow along on our  KICKSTARTER page.

Upcoming will be a vid by our talented friend and artist Alexander Buie on his creative process.

Stay tuned, stay safe, please check out the project and feel free to ask questions, we have til Nov 4 to make our goal and we need your help.

Go to: Rev.Sam & The Outcasts Recording, click on 'Back This Project' and see what it's all about.

Thanks for the support.


Team Horner



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