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This was a part of Australian history too important not to put to song and share. These brave Wiradjuri tribesmen Yarri and Jacky Jacky (and others) were responsible for saving many lives in the tragic flood of Gundagai (NSW) when the Murrumbidgee River swept homes, livestock and folk away in June 1852.

White settlers had been warned by local aboriginal people not to build on the flats but move to higher ground, they did not heed this advice to their peril and the Wiradjuri men and their fragile bark canoes worked tirelessly rescuing people through three long days and nights. If not for their bravery most of the town's population would have perished, and this despite the fact that many Wiradjuri lost their lives due to the colonisers’ violence during the settlement of Gundagai and surrounds...racism was rife in the region.  The rescuers were even treated badly after the flood!

Hat's off to these gentleman who deserve an Australian Government Bravery Award,  that has been denied initially but the Brungle Tumut Local Aboriginal Land Council are reapplying for this recognition.

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