Happy 2020 Folks!

Happy New Year, New Decade!! Welcome to the 20s!! 

Rest is top of our list thus far (and himself is better for it) but after a month of that we are starting to think, plan and create towards all the year has in store @CampSweetSorrows!  Thailand looms for Sammy; we have a Wexford show in March thanks to Real Rockin' Roots; and ongoing discussion with publisher-types regarding Mr Horner's book - Finn and the Wild Goose. 'The Australian Sessions' are leaving the shelves and we've been getting some great feed back and response thanks guys! If you haven't heard the new tunes or would like to purchase a copy go HERE!

Only two tours for The Sweet Sorrows in 2020...UK/ Ireland first in May / June and then to  Switzerland and Germany  in September. Some dates are in for the UK tour, but we'd love to come and play for you...message us for details, with any questions or if you would like to book us in your venue or your lounge room, we aren't fussy!

Our hearts and prayers and thoughts are with all suffering in the Australian fires, such devastation and loss...such courage from so many.. The heartbreak will continue for awhile yet.  Aussies are a tough breed and are rallying with typical resilience but this is the worst disaster on record. Much love to all of you that we know down unda, stay safe, we are rooting for you!!



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