1. Grace

From the recording The Australian Sessions

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Written by Ralston Bowles (SESAC)
Vocals: Kylie Horner, Sammy Horner
Mandolin, Bass: Sammy Horner
Guitar, Mandolin: Brian Baker
Accordion: Kylie Horner

Notes… We have long loved this song by our friend Ralston Bowles from Michigan who wrote this after reading Yancey’s book “What’s So Amazing About Grace, and it always puts us in mind of a dear friend and kindred who though Scots-born has made South Australia home for many years. This one’s for you Gracie xx


She comes around here every once in a while
I know because I’ve met her
It’s hard to pinpoint her particular style
Sometimes I just don’t get her
There’s nothing cheap about her that’s for sure
She radiates a case for all things pure
Given the odds I’d play them all on her
From where I’m standing I can only catch a glimmer
Its safe to say my chances couldn’t look much slimmer
The things I take for granted keep me in this prison
The way she walks thru walls simply defies description
And I’m left here tongue-tied, tripping over syllogisms
Of Grace

Grace, is an angel
Grace is absurd
In the face of all my anger
She brings me kisses undeserved

Too much of some things will only leave you seeing double
Too little self control’s gonna lead you into trouble
When she walks in the room it all goes quiet
Somewhere between the dusk and dawn’s first light
There is that moment that you just might get to know Grace
Grace, she’s angel
Grace, she is absurd
In the face of all my anger
She brings me kisses undeserved
She comes around here every once in awhile