1. Thirty Hours

From the recording The Australian Sessions

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Written by Sammy & Kylie Horner (PRS/MCPS)
Vocals: Sammy & Kylie Horner
Guitars, Bass ,Organ & BVs: Brian Baker
Hand claps: Charlie and Brian Baker

Notes…Love is what most of us hope to find at some point of our lives. You can find it in all kinds of unexpected places, and we found it in Australia…travel time about 30 hours from Ireland. Sometimes you wonder if love is really only a short time away from each of us? It was always there…but those 30 hours were crucial.


I’ve always been a travelling man, I’ve always liked the road
A backpack and an old guitar, a man of no abode,
But we’re all headed some place, no one wanders aimlessly
And it took me half my life to find you're thirty hours from me.

I found myself in other lands and learned from what they taught
The struggles and the broken hearts, the battles that they brought
But the door to happiness was closed, I could not find the key
It took me half my life to find you were thirty hours from me.

Thirty hours
Thirty hours from me
that’s all you were
just thirty hours from me

Life is ever changing and there’s much that I don’t see
I get bogged down and lose my way,
But sometimes there’s a lifeline,
That pulls me into shore
A spark that gives me hope, and sometimes something more.

I was all beat up and ready just to leave it all behind
I thought I go just thirty more to see what I might find
but love comes in strange packaging that you cannot foresee
and on that day I found that you'd been thirty hours from me