From the recording The Australian Sessions

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Written by Sammy Horner (PRS/MCPS)
Vocals: Sammy Horner, Kylie Horner, Brian Baker
Lead guitar: Kj McEvoy
Slide, Bass, Acoustic guitars, Drums: Brian Baker

Notes…Coober Pedy is Australia’s Opal Mining Mecca. It’s so hot there that people not only work underground, they live underground. The idea that you don’t find anything of worth unless you dig deep seemed obvious in this song about never judging a book by it’s cover.


She's got a real hot head like the desert sun
Shooting off her mouth like a loaded gun
In a K Mart tee and some torn up jeans
that girl meant every single word that she ever screamed
But if you look a little harder I think you' find
That girl’s deeper than a Coober Pedy opal mine

He's got a mouth that would make a trucker blush
When he's got something to say you can’t make him hush
In a black leather jacket and a baseball hat
He don't look too much, I'll give you that
But you gotta give credit the kid's got spine
That boy’s deeper than a Coober Pedy opal mine

You can’t judge no book by it’s paper shell
You'll never find the story that it hides
Just cause somebody’s looking like hell
If you don’t go deeper how you gonna find the gems inside?

Dropped outta college in the very first week
His papa said his future would look real bleak
Picked up an old Martin and he learned six chords
Said more in three minutes than a million words
And with a 4/4 tempo and a knack for rhyme
That kid’s deeper than a Coober Pedy opal mine.