From the recording Celticana

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Sammy Horner

I’ve travelled all around this world, a pilgrim just like you
But journeys are as different, as the place you journey to
Yet every soul eventually has only one request
That their final destination is a place that they can rest

Some call its name Nirvana and Tir Na Nog as well
Some say better Heaven than a fearful place called Hell
It seems as though you have to die for you to find the best
So I wonder if this weary world has a place for us to rest

Now one came many years ago, these words he had to say
There is a kingdom here and now and enter it you may
Its built on truth and justice, I speak no word of jest
The best of you, the worst of you can find a place to rest

Well this was music to the orphan, to the widow’s heart a song
The outcast laughed with joy at last, the place he could belong
And everyone who doubted, everyone who second guessed
They are ushered through a thin veil to a place that they can rest

I don’t have many answers, my questions still abound
I cant explain the pain and hate I witness all around
But an open invitation goes out to those I detest
Come lay your burden down here in a place where you can rest

So to every father’s daughter, and to every mother’s son
No matter how you’ve got it wrong, no matter what you’ve done
If you’ve made great decisions, or your life’s been a mess
Lets raise a glass together in the place where we can rest