From the recording Celticana

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Sammy Horner/Kylie Horner

I came upon a travelling man
His face as weather beaten as his coat
He told me that he'd travelled back to see his home again
Worked his passage from Australia on a boat
He didn't ask for sympathy, he didn't ask for cash
In fact he only stopped to talk a while
He offered some advice I've not forgotten to this day
He gave it with a wink and with a smile

He said may Jesus travel with you to every place you roam
In sunshine and when the weather’s storming
For every weary traveller needs to set their baggage down
Thank God I'll be in Wexford in the morning

You knew he'd seen a mile or two
His eyes betrayed sweet sorrows that he knew
But his voice contained a sparkle of a man with lesser years
And the words he spoke were altogether true
He said roaming was the finest way to figure this life out
You never know what's just around the bend
It could be a disaster or a blessing straight from God
A fight or a fine whiskey with a friend

And so he took his leave of me
I watched him as he walked towards the sun
A spring was in his step as if he knew the road ahead
As if it was an often travelled one
And as I walked away I heard his voice upon the air
I turned he cocked his head and winked an eye
He said ‘just one more thing, go live each day like it's your last
And love with every breath until you die!’