Starting With a Kick! **New Music from Sammy Horner

Hey ho and away we go with this project, the creating of which got us through lockdown early in the pandemic this year.  Himself needs to keep his head busy and 2020 has been, well, a huge opportunity.  Thus we bring you our latest crowd-funding venture.  

Two amazing albums, one folk, one rock... Far Away Places and Rev. Sam & The Outcasts. 

Two very different styles from one artist.  From Sammy- " For some years I've been writing material for both of these albums, one delving into the Irish famine and resultant emigration to far away places adding in all of the uncertainty being experienced in the current season, the other a kind of in your face, raw gospel album that doesn't sugar coat or sanitise ideas on good news, justice, mercy and love and delivers a spankin' hard rock edge with all the 'doo-wops' and 'shalalala push-push' backing vocals of my hey day." 

 Collaboration with a gifted group of musicians from Ireland, UK, Germany, USA and Australia via the internet adds to the quality, creativity and experience tenfold. 

We have 30 days from Oct 8th  to make our goal to get the project funded.  Kickstarter is a reputable and safe platform that we are well seasoned in utilizing and we encourage you to have a look at what rewards are on offer for pledging and supporting our endeavour. 

Thanks in advance for having a look at the project and the rewards for pledging and if you can share the news we'd so appreciate it.

Here is the link:  Rev.Sam & The Outcasts Recording 

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