One month to go Down Unda!

Cooee from Sydney...where we are impatiently waiting for our new album "The Australian Sessions" to arrive via courier this week instead of last!

Australia you are lovely, had a great tour so far, and had a brilliant time in the studio with the talented Brian Baker in September.

We loved the process, the craic and sweet time in the beautiful Dandenongs! Thank you mate! Its a rockin', nicely crafted stable of great tracks and we are excited to share it with you all! Holler back for hard copies we will plan to ultimately make them available on our site here but that will take some time - being on the road makes for challenges and we are techno-dummies ;)

Meanwhile we will get tracks, album info and back stories on songs all up on Bandcamp asap!

See you soon Wollongong, Kangaroo Valley FF, Stroud and Newcastle!

If you can make it to Maldon Folk Festival Nov 1-4, we are launching the album there!

Come for the craic!!



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