How's Your January?

G'day folks, from our wet but pretty part of the world...Day "I-dont-know" of Lockdown #3 - or is it 4?

We lose count and it will continue into March here as they trickle the vaccine out. Staying home, minding ourselves etc.

There's not much news and won't get into the mundanities of home water leaks and damage  but on the music front all is coming along.  Our Kickstarter campaign last year enabled us to get Sammy's first lockdown projects manufactured and we are delighted that both Far Away Places and Rev. Sam & The Outcasts are  (nearly) in our hands - both Brexit and covid have slowed down delivery. ygt ;)  Test pressing of the vinyl Rev. Sam sounds great and all is go on that front.  

We are so grateful for all the help we have had from so many  to help these albums to completion. Thank you! Release of both albums on band camp is slated for April.  Himself has recorded an audio book of Finn and The Wild Goose, an immersive experience complete with side effects, stay tuned for more info about release on that.  Writing continues, as the weeks stretch in the meantime.. Herself will be able to - at last- apply for Irish naturalisation in March. No travel is imminent so may as well get that process going. 

The wild garlic is coming, the birds are definitely louder and happier, bring on the Spring as we wait in hope for change, safety and a better new normal.

Peace xx

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